Under the Sun: The Architecture of Enjoyment

with works by Larissa Fassler, Danilo Filtrof, Euan Gray, Helena Her, Witte Wartena und Clemens Wilhelm

Under the Sun: The Architecture of Enjoyment brings together two distinct cultural entities: tourism and contemporary art. Exploring the symbiotic relationship that exists between travel and architecture and highlighting the importance physical setting has on delineating the tourist experience, the exhibition examines the territories associated with the act of pleasure-seeking: the ubiquitous souvenir shops, restaurants, and attractions and the associated infrastructure that drive the leisure and travel industry.

Opening: Friday 05.07. – 7 pm

Show: 06.-28.07.2024


Clemens Wilhelm “SIMULACRA” 32 min (Shenzhen, China, 2015)

SIMULACRA was shot in the “Window of the World” Entertainment Park in Shenzhen (China) which presents 140 copies of the world’s most famous tourist attractions. A tour through the park simulates a journey around the world: the Gizeh Pyramids, Stonehenge, San Marco, the Statue of Liberty, Niagara Falls, the Taj Mahal, Mount Fuji, etc. However, all of them are dwarfed by the replica of the Eiffel Tower. What do these iconic buildings all mean when they are taken out of their original contexts?

Opening times:

Tuesdays 09am – 4 pm
 | Wednesday 2-5 pm
 | Fridays 09 am-12 am