Video Performance
German with English subtitles
Northeim (D)

„Heim” is the portrait of a typical small town in Germany. 12 Citizens of Northeim were cast through local newspaper ads to tell their favourite jokes on their home couches disguised with animal masks.
Jokes have a strong connection to the subconscious. They mostly serve the social need to establish a connection between teller and listener. If you can laugh about the same joke, you probably have the same moral, cultural or intellectual background. In various ways jokes discuss most common themes of society, such as it’s values, hierarchies, dreams, or mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion. "Heim" leaves you with a strange uncanny feeling, somewhere between laughter and horror.

Setshots HEIM, Northeim (D), 2010
heim_qprc_webInstallation Shot @ Queens Park Railway Club, Glasgow
© Photo: Queens Park Railway Club