MACHT NICHTS • Banner Airplane, Berlin (D), 2012 • Video

MACHT NICHTS airplaneMACHT NICHTS • Banner Airplane, Berlin (D), 2012 • Video Still

MACHT NICHTS • Merkel, Berlin (D), 2014 • Video

machtnichtsMACHT NICHTS • Intervention @ Nightscreen Gasometer, Berlin (D), 2010

machtnichts01MACHT NICHTS • Badges in various shows, 2009-2012

machtnichts03MACHT NICHTS • Billboard Installation @ PG Lab, Berlin, 2010-2011

machtnichts04MACHT NICHTS • Billboard Installation @ MMX, Berlin (D), 2011

Performance in public space
Intervention on LED-Screen at Gasometer Berlin-Schöneberg
Photo (variable size)
free badges

Clemens Wilhelm's "MACHT NICHTS" is an ambiguous German word play:
you can read it as a pacification:“It’s no so bad, it doesn't matter“,
or you can read it „as an order: „Don’t do anything! Remain passive!".

MACHT NICHTS has appeared in different shapes since 2008: free badges, a spot on an LED-Screen, a billboard in public space, and an airplane banner flight over Berlin. On the 1st of March 2014, Clemens Wilhelm gave a MACHT NICHTS badge to German chancelor Angela Merkel as a present.

MACHT NICHTS returned to the Gasometer Screen for the
European Media Facades Festival 2010.

Video credits:
Airplane Camera:
Bruce Giglio
Ground Camera: