Video Installation
Mandarin with English subtitles
Chongqing (CN)

For this video Clemens Wilhelm asked four Chinese fortune tellers to read his left hand. We only see his hand resting on a table and the hands of the fortune tellers touching certain areas as they read his hand. Their four off-screen voices tell about his past, present and future – his health, success, wealth, longevity and love life. In "Read Me" two hands touch and in this touch two cultures meet. The fortune tellers may be telling us Clemens Wilhelm’s life but they describe it from a Chinese point of view: their idea of a good, long, happy and rich life will probably be very different from the idea of a Westerner. One is left with a strange feeling of indecision: should I believe them or not? Can you read all this from a hand? Can a stranger read you like that? How much does your surface, the shape and skin of your hand, reveal about yourself? How much is real and how much is your own projection? And on a more theoretical level: how much truth is in a portrait?

readme_qprc_webInstallation Shot @ Queens Park Railway Club, Glasgow (UK), 2012
© Photo: Queens Park Railway Club
readme_installationshotInstallation Shot @ Lichter Art Award, Frankfurter Filmtage (D), 2012
readme02Installation Shot @ Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing (CN), 2011