Live performance, Internet stream, rice bag
Organhaus Art Space, Chongqing, CN

In German you can use the term "in China fällt ein Sack Reis um" („a bag of rice falls over in China“) to express that you don't care about an event because you think that it is irrelevant to your own life. China is far away from Germany and a bag of rice falling over is considered to be a very common phenomenon in a country that grows so much rice.
However, the butterfly effect in chaos theory shows that even the smallest event in a far away place can significantly influence and change the course of larger events in the future. Excluding the event of a bag of rice falling over in China from your prediction of the future will lead to a significantly different outcome.
In theory, a bag of rice falling over in China may have unpredictable chaotic consequences for the future.

(Collaboration with the artist
Constantin Hartenstein)