VAFT Video Art Festival Turku will present Clemens Wilhelm’s film CONTACT:

Video, HD, English, 15’, Prague (CZ), 2014

“A man and a woman meet in real life after meeting online. They get close to each other but the contact is quite unreal. Substitutes replace the “real thing” in the name of security. A computer camera watches the scene.”

Contact has been called “a love movie without love and a porno movie without sex”.


actors: Marie Švestková & Sebastian Straub
cameras & light: Jan Martinec & Kryštof Hlůže
sound: Jakub Jurásek
colour: Mikko Gaestel, Expander Film Berlin
costume & makeup: Tereza Kopecká
best girl: Juliana Höschlova
music: Chris Zabriskie
editors: Jan Martinec & Clemens Wilhelm
co-producer: Jan Martinec
producer: Clemens Wilhelm
director & writer: Clemens Wilhelm

production supported by
Deutsch-Tschechischer Zukunstfonds / Česko-německý fond budoucnosti & FUTURA Prague

Clemens Wilhelm | Contact | Trailer