Clemens Wilhelm’s work A HORSE WITH WHEELS (2017, Video, 29 min) will be installed in the group exhibition TERRESTRIAL ASSEMBLAGE at Floating University Berlin:



06 May – to 06 June 2021

(Cancelled from 19 May 2021)


Ana Alenso
Marco Barotti
Ines Doujak
Anne Duk Hee Jordan
Han Seok Hyun
Folke Köbberling
Mischa Leinkauf
Santiago Sierra
Shira Wachsmann
Clemens Wilhelm


Pauline Doutreluingne & Keumhwa Kim


In the age of geo-social issues, where climate, inequality and migration are interrelated and humanity threatens to become homeless, facing a potentially uninhabitable earth in the future, paradoxically more and more enclosed and demarcated territories are emerging worldwide. As on the Korean peninsula, divided by a militarised border for over 70 years, all over the world, even after the Cold War, areas are separated, marked out and fenced off. In addition, geopolitical and economic upheavals and changes in climatic living conditions create new borders. In this age of global pandemics, the border seems to have become not just an instrument of intensive surveillance, but a geo-political power. The desire for the “vetted” and “sanctioned” migrant is shared across species lines. It is ironic that the ecosystems in the respective regions benefit from these border regimes, while at the same time challenging them. Border areas are refuge areas for a wealth of species of plants, animals and fungi.

The outdoor exhibition, Terrestrial Assemblage brings together artists whose practice deals with the relationship of humans to the earth (“terra”). In an “act of coming together” (assemblage) of different artistic media and ideas on current issues of demarcation and the ever louder environmental issue, ten international artists present their site-specific works on the grounds of the Floating University Berlin. They address the Anthropocene / Capitolocene causes of new borders and, in their artistic observations of the environment, reflect on social, biological and political border shifts, and design new, hybrid, cross-species images of the future.

Terrestrial Assemblage aims to be a projection surface and a space of experience for fluid counter-images and artistic fantasies beyond political and geographical borders.

The exhibition is accompanied by a symposium entitled Terrestrial Assemblage: Ecological Thinking in Border Zones, in which artists, curators and scientists present their interdisciplinary projects on the environment in border areas, and positions on the symbiotic relationship between nature and borders are shown and discussed. Along the axes of territoriality and deterritorialization, artists and scientists speak on current ecological issues and boundaries from diverse perspectives and create new spaces for thought.

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