B_LA_M Festival

B-LA-M is a three year art exchange created to deepen the relationships between the independent art scenes of Berlin, Los Angeles & Mexico City.

54 art collectives will come together to develop and realize 18 joint projects in each city. Our city-wide exhibitions will be accompanied by a transdisciplinary program of screenings, performances, readings, exhibition tours, and more.

First stop is Berlin from Jun 27th through Jul 14th, 2024. Next Mexico City will host Nov 6-22, 2025, and Los Angeles during Mar 28-Apr 25, 2026.


It’s the end of the world (for real)

Tuesday, July 2, 7 pm | Kino Moviemento Berlin | 85 min

with video works by

Neozoon, Alisi Telengut, Elisa Jule Braun, Ilyn Wong, Sebastian Acker, Dagmar Schürrer, Nicolás Rupcich, Ale Bachlechner.

Presented by Berlin project spaces: Scotty, Rosalux, SAP Space, SOMA & HilbertRaum.

Selected by Clemens Wilhelm



Are we creating our own hell on this planet? Have we lost touch with our traditions? Are we creating depressed robots? Are all creatures equally lonely? Are we turning all of nature into products? Should we merge our consciousness with technology? Do we have too many images of the planet to still see it? Should we mine ourselves more effectively for data to succeed?

Title Image: Ale Bachlechner, Feel What You’re Feeling, 2022, 18 min, video still