The monument turns out to be a monument to the Unknown Artist. Placed in a location far away from the next big city and only reachable on foot, the monument creates a place for contemplating the meaning of artists and their role in society. Monuments for unknown soldiers come to mind.

The slow narration of the film, with its focus on the physical struggle of transporting a heavy stone, the digging of a hole, and the forces of nature, mirrors the toilsome process of any creative work developing from idea to completion. The solemnity of the final ceremony, which fluctuates between a celebration and a funeral, culminates in the bagpiper’s melody. When the music is over, a sense of wonder remains, residing in the connection of stones and memory, honor and death, and work and reward.

Directors: Jan Sobotka & Clemens Wilhelm
Short Documentary
Length: 16.36 min
Format: 1080p
Sound: Dolby 5.1
Color: color
Language: no dialogue
Shooting location: Helmsdale, Scotland, UK
Country of Production: Germany, UK
Year of Production: 2018
Production Company: dok2media
Sound Design: Christian Wittmoser
Sound Mix: Tobias Böhm, bvft